Christmas 2014 Lists!

Alexandra’s X-mas list

-Sands Alive, kinetic sand, play sand type kit with sandbox and molds

-My little ponies that light up/talk (I think the black one is purchased)

She also really liked these put together ones.

-These kinds of craft kits

-Easel kit, saw them at Chapters,—Artist-Studio,-Ultimate-Easel-Accessories-Painting-Kit,-21E/B00J0U6RQM/

-Clothes size 5

-Loves crafts, drawing, sticker type books for stocking stuffers, she does still have quite a few.

-Still loves Hello kitty and BATMAN!

-Loves the Pinkalicious books

-Still Loves Lego

-Is really getting into jigsaw puzzles, please get the more advanced kids one 100 pieces are a fair challenge for her, but please under 250.

Nicholas’ List

-Clothes size 6

-Skylanders Trap Team Figures

-He has outgrown his bike

-He keeps asking for a skateboard, please get elbow & knee pads too

-He is a Lego Fiend!

-He is starting to get into science type experiments and kits

-He Loves The Legend of Chima books, he has the first 2 or 3

-He loves SPIDERMAN!

-He really likes Minecraft, the plush spider etc, would be a good stuffer for his stockings.

Jenn’s List

-Memory express gift cards

-New gaming mouse

-Silver Forks & spoon Jewlery (Bracelets, earrings, necklaces)

-The Hobbit Blu-Ray (the unexpected journey)

-Harney & Sons Teas

-Chapters gift cards

-New spatulas, This style with the core in the middle[pla]-(ho)_54280971275&utm_source=gg&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=_&utm_content=11_main&utm_campaign=[pla]-(ho)&ref=DF4rcI_udU6GfakKSQwtHg&kpid=2210069


Colin’s List

-Memory Express gift cards

-Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship!

– Battery Backup

 – The Martian