June 26, 2001(ish)

Grrr! I now have to get a new monitor…Mine makes purty sparks come out the bottom when I turn it on…and worse of all there’s no picture. *G*I could handle the sparks if there was a picture…*sigh* So, if anyone has a monitor I can use for a couple of months, or have for cheep, lemme know!

June 21, 2001(ish)

Looks like the “Shave Colin’s Head” campaign Is about to officially begin. One of the guys at work asked me if I’d shave my head if he was able to get $15000 for cancer. I said “Yup!” Now it looks like several people at work have decided that this is a good thing and have taken up organising the whole deal. If they can raise $25K, all my co-workers are gonna shave their heads too. At least I wouldn’t be alone lookin’ like a freak. *G*

June 17, 2001(ish)

Went and saw Lara Croft: Tomb Raider yesterday. All I can say about it, is that it could have been worse. *nod*. Been over at Soulscode’s all weekend. Brought over the puter and were gaming for a bit…till I crashed out…when I woke up, everyone else had crashed, or had actually gone home. *bleh* Ah well, there will be more fun had by all next week at Guardian’s place…We will need to get a game of Worms: Armageddon goin’ this time tho! *G*Anyway, I go back to playing with stuff. Lets see if we can break WinXP with Win2K drivers. *G*

June 09, 2001(ish)

Wee! Yesterday I installed a beta of windows XP…and it didn’t break!Considering it was an upgrade from Win98, that kinda surprised me. And after a day of using it, I’m still not regretting doing it…big difference over WinME. (never tried Win2K, so maybe I’ve been biased by non NT systems. *G*) We’ll have to see how things go over the next while…

June 03, 2001(ish)

Yesterday, Acelin, EvilKay, Soulscode, Vantica, Countryboy (don’t ask), and I took in Calgary Aviation Days out at the Aero Space Museum. Not too much in the way of planes flying around, but lots of planes sittin’ around. ‘Specially older planes. So, more pictures were taken, and fun was had by all. And (surprise surprise) I got sunburnt. Teach me to spend more than 5 minutes in the sun! We all drooled over the A10 Warthogs, I took a couple of pictures of Acelin beside a little Russion jet (Da comrade!) and I beat Countryboy at docking the Space Shuttle to the ISS. (Cheezy little simulator, Countryboy ran outta gas.)
After I came home and crashed for a few hours Auggie called me up and we went out for coffee with Fawn and Merrydeath. Then we took a tour of Fawn’s new apartment and Fawn begged me for some books and games, since she doesn’t have internet hooked up quite yet, and probably won’t for a few days. So when I got home, I started looking for some books to give her and decided to sort through them to send a bunch off to the used book store. I don’t need 2 large microwave boxes full of books. Nope…too much of a pain to move! Some I’m keepin’ a few and chucking the rest. Now…where did I hide those Lord of the Rings books…

June 02, 2001(ish)

Tonight we went out and had some beers to say bon voyage to some friends. They’re heading to Mexico for a few months (and taking the bus to get there!) So I’m thinkin’ I need a way to add pictures to one of the pages here (since I took some and one or two actually look okay. *G*) (Smells new project!)Oh…did I mention the slightly tipsy part? :]