April 02, 2005(ish)

Oops. 🙂
Many many updates. Well a couple anyways.
#1 Jenn and I are engaged. We will be getting married at a secret bat time, and a secret bat place. 🙂

#2 We are getting a puppy! He was born Feb. 24th, and we’re getting him at the beginning of May, but we have to drive to Edson(!) to get him. Soon he’ll be rescued from the remoteness of Edson and become an urban dweller. 🙂

#3 We did yardwork today! How grown up and responsible of us.

#4 Jenn has possibly got carpal tunnel in her right hand. 🙁 Hopefully it just turns out to be tendonitus tho.

other than that, stuff here is the usual. 🙂