My son…again.

This blog may just end up turning into a list of embarrassing things our kids do. Today’s instalment:
Nicholas officially had his first pea rescued from his nose. It was so far up we had to do “nose surgery” with a pair of tweezers. Happy first nose pea Nicholas!

My son Cracks me up.

So last night on our way out for dinner, my loving husband decides to fart. Nothing abnormal there. Our frank speaking son turns around looks at his dad and says “Oh no!!! A Poop?” At once I start pissing myself laughing and continue to laugh even harder when he tries to take his dad to the bathroom to the potty and keeps saying “oh no, a poop…. potty…. a poop….”

If this is any indication of things to come, we’re going to have many many funny and amusing stories for years. I’m still giggling.

I love you Nicholas, you’re a jem.


We get to go camping with the kids this weekend. We’re going to start out easy with one night. I know Nicholas won’t have a problem, but camping with a 2 month old can be…challenging. 🙂

At least this time, we get to stay in Jenn’s parent’s camper! Much better than in a tent with a bassinet and a double air mattress for a family of 4. I think we need a bigger tent!

Mothers Day!

Today I am complete. And it is my children that have brought out the best in me. I have never felt more independent, strong, beautiful and radiant. Life has evolved into a busy and beautiful dance filled with laughter, wonder and face palming. And I have my children to thank for this. May I continue to grow stronger every day.

Give them what they need and watch them grow.

This is Mothers Day.

5 years of 5/5/5

Jenn and I were married 5 years ago today.  Through 5 years, 2 children a cat and a dog, we’ve managed to survive, and thrive.  I could not imagine a better partner to be spending the rest of my life with.  I love you Jenn.