March 25, 2010(ish)

This has been an eventful month for computer stuff dying. It started in Feb. with my monitor dying. I got that replaced and then Jenn’s computer died. Got that fixed by upgrading my computer and giving her my old stuff. Then my mouse died. Then my new monitor started acting up (showed a verticle line in one spot). Got that replaced and then my ethernet port on the new motherboard stopped working. I found a diode om the bottom of my case when I opened it up to take a look, so now I’m waiting for that to get fixed. Craziness.


February 21, 2010(ish)

Slowly getting pictures uploaded, and getting ready for baby. It’s kind of fun going through all the old pictures and memories. Nicholas doesn’t really know what’s going on with the new baby, but I think he knows something is up, since he’s been moved into a new bedroom already. 🙂
Hopefully soon, we’ll have all the old pictures + new pictures up!

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February 09, 2010(ish)

Hooray! Just over a week after the hard drive crash of ’10, I’ve got all of the functionality of the old webpage back up and working. All that’s left is for me to re-upload all the pictures from 2005 and on. 🙁
At least I’ve got backups happening on a nightly basis now. 🙂

January 24, 2010(ish)

Look to your left, there in one of those side box thingies is a box for IPv6 vs IPv4 statistics. This shows how many IPv4 addresses are left and some other fun things. Once we run out of IPv4 addresses (The kind we’re using now) we’ll need to use something else (IPv6 specifically) if we want more people/things (like smartphones) to get connected.

Good times!

November 08, 2009(ish) has entered the FUTURE! Sorta. You can now get to through IPv6. If you have a global IPv6 address (via a tunnel or 6to4, or wherever, really) and you’re browser supports it, you’ll be viewing us over IPv6. Well…I found it neat anyway. 🙂