Christmas 2014 Lists!

Alexandra’s X-mas list

-Sands Alive, kinetic sand, play sand type kit with sandbox and molds

-My little ponies that light up/talk (I think the black one is purchased)

She also really liked these put together ones.

-These kinds of craft kits

-Easel kit, saw them at Chapters,—Artist-Studio,-Ultimate-Easel-Accessories-Painting-Kit,-21E/B00J0U6RQM/

-Clothes size 5

-Loves crafts, drawing, sticker type books for stocking stuffers, she does still have quite a few.

-Still loves Hello kitty and BATMAN!

-Loves the Pinkalicious books

-Still Loves Lego

-Is really getting into jigsaw puzzles, please get the more advanced kids one 100 pieces are a fair challenge for her, but please under 250.


Nicholas’ List

-Clothes size 6

-Skylanders Trap Team Figures

-He has outgrown his bike

-He keeps asking for a skateboard, please get elbow & knee pads too

-He is a Lego Fiend!

-He is starting to get into science type experiments and kits

-He Loves The Legend of Chima books, he has the first 2 or 3

-He loves SPIDERMAN!

-He really likes Minecraft, the plush spider etc, would be a good stuffer for his stockings.

Jenn’s List

-Memory express gift cards

-New gaming mouse

-Silver Forks & spoon Jewlery (Bracelets, earrings, necklaces)

-The Hobbit Blu-Ray (the unexpected journey)

-Harney & Sons Teas

-Chapters gift cards

-New spatulas, This style with the core in the middle[pla]-(ho)_54280971275&utm_source=gg&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=_&utm_content=11_main&utm_campaign=[pla]-(ho)&ref=DF4rcI_udU6GfakKSQwtHg&kpid=2210069



Colin’s List

-Memory Express gift cards

-Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship!

– Battery Backup

 – The Martian

Sh!ts about to get real Healthy!

So after many years of feeling icky, I might finally have an answer. If this is the answer I’ve been looking for (Wheat/Gluten allergy), then changing my diet will make me feel better and stop the ick and the excuses. I’m going to be chancing my diet, my lifestyle and hopefully my health.

So, Why do you need to know this? (it’s okay I can hear your thoughts)

Because, I know we’ve all have had similar thoughts, and all have talked about being healthier. So, lets team up!
Lets be each others support system, walking partner and accountability.

The number geeks have shown that people tend to get healthier when they do it with others. So I am on and I am going to start using that more regularly, I’m going to do measurements and pictures (/shudder) and see if I can stay focused, and feel better.

I’m going to drink ALL the waters! Do ALL the exercise! Eat ALL the Fibers! and take ALL the Vitamins!

Will you join me?
Psst…..(I need help too)

Lets not wait for new years, or next year. We can do this together!

*\ 0 /*  *\ 0 /*
  ( ) into  |
  / \      / \


Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

Getting a Jump on Christmas

I just went through all the kids rooms, and had a look at clothes and toys. Here’s what I found.

Needs all clothes size 3. Pants, shirts, jammies, etc.
Needs new little girl books.
Needs Shoes size 8.
Hair accessories
Loves barbies.
Loves Hello Kitty.
Has a Leap pad explorer tablet game system.

Please, no hot wheels.
Clothes size 4
Shoes size 9
Loves Lego (small sets please)
would adore a Lego watch
Discovery hut sells these

Has a Leap pad explorer tablet game system.


My son Cracks me up.

So last night on our way out for dinner, my loving husband decides to fart. Nothing abnormal there. Our frank speaking son turns around looks at his dad and says “Oh no!!! A Poop?” At once I start pissing myself laughing and continue to laugh even harder when he tries to take his dad to the bathroom to the potty and keeps saying “oh no, a poop…. potty…. a poop….”

If this is any indication of things to come, we’re going to have many many funny and amusing stories for years. I’m still giggling.

I love you Nicholas, you’re a jem.

Mothers Day!

Today I am complete. And it is my children that have brought out the best in me. I have never felt more independent, strong, beautiful and radiant. Life has evolved into a busy and beautiful dance filled with laughter, wonder and face palming. And I have my children to thank for this. May I continue to grow stronger every day.

Give them what they need and watch them grow.

This is Mothers Day.