November 06, 2002(ish)

Wow, a whole month without an update! 🙂 (Summarize mode)
Got another year older
Got a playstation2 as a prize for getting another year older
Also got a dinner for getting older (birthdays *can* be fun!)
Jenn got another year older
I got her a desk as her prize (which wasn’t as nice as my prize) 🙁
She liked it anyway 🙂
My parents stayed over for a few days, which was good.
Had a meeting of the parents (Jenn’s and mine).
They seemed to not hate each other, which is also good!
Actually went to the bar (for halloween).
Am now starting day shifts at work for a couple of weeks.
*ponders* Yup..11 lines to summarize a month…I had a busy month! *smirk*