July 23, 2001(ish)

Well now. 4 days of fraggin’ later, (okay, gettin’ fragged) I’m back. Somehow I feel kinda gypped. There was very little organization, beyond the network, and it was nice not to have to find creative ways of splicing in power (like previous years), but the whole fun factor seemed to not be there. I think I got more fun by spending 10 bux at the Playdium in West Ed Mall. There was a glaring lack of internet access for the masses (not even a terminal where you could sit and check yer damned email) and they could barely keep an irc server up and running.
Then I did the math on the money that flowed through the event and got kinda mad.about 360 people pre-paid for the event (50 bux a pop). about 700 people showed, leaving 340 that paid 60 bux. That puts 38400 into frag’s coffers. (that’s without t-shirt sales). Hall costs probably ran up to about 10 to 15 thousand. (that’s being expensive). Prizes were donated. Equipment for the most part was donated. Staff time was donated. That leaves about 23000 unaccounted for. There’s probably some other expenses, but I’m going to say that the t-shirt sales most likely took care of any of those. That bothers me. I get more fun out of a weekend with 10 people showing up at some guys house with a few hubs and some networking cable than I got out of fragapalooza, which I paid 50 dollars for. On the other hand…for 50 bux, I got a nice fast Warez fest which I put to fair use. That despite the fact that this was to be an offense where they would kick you out. I’m thinking that for a gaming event, Fragapalooza is a great warez/pr0n event. And that’s enuff of a rant outta me.

July 01, 2001(ish)

So, I’ve been told that my webpage is too dark to read…well dammit! Bring a light when yer goin’ cavin’!*G*I guess I’ll have to get Maire to do something about it. *sigh*Maybe install some overhead spotlights like I have at work. *smirk*