June 26, 2005(ish)

heh.So…7 weeks of married bliss later….We had a great time in ‘stoon. The drive up to edson was…long. very long. But we got the puppy. Seamus is doing great, and we should have some new pictures of him up soon. He’s such an awesome dog. 🙂
Other than that, life has been pretty much business as usual. Went out to a barbeque last night and had a great time (thanks Kevin!)
Our basement stayed dry through the whole flooding thing we had here. Living on a hill definately was an advantage there. Our garden, however, is just getting dry, and our lawn has only been cut twice since we’ve been married (today being one of those times) because it’s been so wet. Our garden is coming up good (as are the weeds), much for the same reason. 🙂