June 03, 2001(ish)

Yesterday, Acelin, EvilKay, Soulscode, Vantica, Countryboy (don’t ask), and I took in Calgary Aviation Days out at the Aero Space Museum. Not too much in the way of planes flying around, but lots of planes sittin’ around. ‘Specially older planes. So, more pictures were taken, and fun was had by all. And (surprise surprise) I got sunburnt. Teach me to spend more than 5 minutes in the sun! We all drooled over the A10 Warthogs, I took a couple of pictures of Acelin beside a little Russion jet (Da comrade!) and I beat Countryboy at docking the Space Shuttle to the ISS. (Cheezy little simulator, Countryboy ran outta gas.)
After I came home and crashed for a few hours Auggie called me up and we went out for coffee with Fawn and Merrydeath. Then we took a tour of Fawn’s new apartment and Fawn begged me for some books and games, since she doesn’t have internet hooked up quite yet, and probably won’t for a few days. So when I got home, I started looking for some books to give her and decided to sort through them to send a bunch off to the used book store. I don’t need 2 large microwave boxes full of books. Nope…too much of a pain to move! Some I’m keepin’ a few and chucking the rest. Now…where did I hide those Lord of the Rings books…

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