Potty Trained!!

We started potty training Nicholas in earnest on Monday. Over the last 2 days, he’s had a couple of close accidents (almost made it!) but other than that has been dry the whole time. So exciting! He’s even making it through the night no problem! I didn’t think I’d be so excited about this. 🙂

December arrives!

November went by way too quickly. We did manage to paint our Kitchen! December rolled in with a bunch of news. Alexandra cut her first, and second tooth! I traveled down to Denver Colorado for a couple of days for work. When I got back, Nicholas was talking much more clear than when I left! We went out and got Santa pictures taken with the kids.

I might end up going to Vancouver (again for work) in a couple of weeks. We’re not sure yet though. And now I need to get Christmas cards written up.


Another year, another great Halloween!
Pictures are here as per usual. 🙂
Nicholas didn’t want to stop trick or treating, and we ran out of candy from all the kids we had! Alexandra giggled and babbled most of the time we were out too. All in all, a great time! 🙂

Set free… ish

We just sent Nicholas camping with his Grandparents. It’s going to be weird around here for the next few days without him. I keep looking in his bedroom thinking he’s napping.

My son…again.

This blog may just end up turning into a list of embarrassing things our kids do. Today’s instalment:
Nicholas officially had his first pea rescued from his nose. It was so far up we had to do “nose surgery” with a pair of tweezers. Happy first nose pea Nicholas!