Sh!ts about to get real Healthy!

So after many years of feeling icky, I might finally have an answer. If this is the answer I’ve been looking for (Wheat/Gluten allergy), then changing my diet will make me feel better and stop the ick and the excuses. I’m going to be chancing my diet, my lifestyle and hopefully my health.

So, Why do you need to know this? (it’s okay I can hear your thoughts)

Because, I know we’ve all have had similar thoughts, and all have talked about being healthier. So, lets team up!
Lets be each others support system, walking partner and accountability.

The number geeks have shown that people tend to get healthier when they do it with others. So I am on and I am going to start using that more regularly, I’m going to do measurements and pictures (/shudder) and see if I can stay focused, and feel better.

I’m going to drink ALL the waters! Do ALL the exercise! Eat ALL the Fibers! and take ALL the Vitamins!

Will you join me?
Psst…..(I need help too)

Lets not wait for new years, or next year. We can do this together!

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  ( ) into  |
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